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Juan Franco, Agency Owner

Your Financial Success Is Our Priority

Juan Franco, FFL One Culture

Family First Life - Juan Carlos Franco
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The FFL Difference

Our business is taking care of

your business!

Aggressive Compensation

Other IMO’s have the ability to give out comp as high as FFL, but they choose not to. By paying low comp to agents, the IMO makes more money. At FFL we believe in the agents keeping more of the money.


As an independent contractor, we don’t believe there is any reason to sign a contract with an IMO. The only contracts you should sign are your carrier contracts in order to sell their products.


Getting a bonus at another IMO is nearly impossible if they have a bonus program at all. At FFL, we have bonuses on an agency level and personal production level. 

Sales Training

Family First Life offers FREE training all year round. Learn from the top agents in the industry instead of the other IMO agents that charge you to learn and haven’t sold in years.


Most companies will vest you after 5 or 10 years, there are also many that don’t offer renewals at all. At FFL you’re vested 100% day 1 which means your business is truly your business.

Multiple Income Streams

Sales commission, agency overrides and renewal commissions all deposited directly into your checking account as you earn them. 

Success Stories

“Success is best when its share” – Howard Schultz