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Licensed Agent


To get contracted, follow these step-by-step in order!

Our Admin Contracting Specialist will schedule a zoom meeting with you to walk you through the onboarding and contracting process.  You MUST first complete New Agent Boot Camp, IUL & Annuity Boot Camp AND prepare all the require documents (listed below) in order to schedule your onboarding meeting via zoom. 

Admin Team Email:

COMING SOON! Schedule your onboarding  appointment online. CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW


Get plugged in (if you have not)

Download SLACK app on your phone. Ask Admin or your Team Leader for invite.


Complete Required  New Agent Boot Camp


You must complete the training and answer some simple questions before we can schedule for contracting appointment.

1. Receive Boot Camp email (within 48 hours) after you notify Admin that you passed your exam. 

2. Click here to access New Agent Boot Camp Page

3. You must submit a completion form at the end of the Training Videos.

NOTE: Password for this exclusive site will be sent to you via email. Reach out to your Admin if needed.

Complete Required IUL & Annuity Training Camp


Create an account and complete SRS IUL and Annuity training. You may watch these training videos at your own pace. However, you MUST complete the training and submit a completion certificate to Admin Team prior to your onboarding appointment (see step 06 below). 

Click here to access SRS IUL & Annuity Training Camp


Retain your login and password for future reference. You may need to access these videos again as a refresher when you begin to write business.  

Get Error & Omissions (E&O) Insurance


You may purchase E&O insurance from any provider. We recommend you check-out options from 360 Coverage Pro. Consult with your Team Leader, if needed. Feel free to shop around.



1) Make sure your policy is the minimum coverage which is $1M/$3M;

2) Have your start date the first of the month we are currently in. Example - If it is 4/12, please have your policy start 4/1. This ensures that you can start contracting and onboarding immediately. If you have your policy start the following 1st of the month, you will not be able to contract and onboard until then. 

Complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Course


Every carrier requires licensed agent to have a valid AML certificate. This short course (typically one hour or less) is usually valid for two years.  Some carrier will have its own version of AML course that they require. Generally, one AML course from a reputable provider can be used with a wide range of carriers for contracting.​

Option #1 - WebCE

The fee for this course is minimal (around $12). We recommend you use this option because we can use this AML certificate to contract with our number one IUL carrier along with other carriers we recommend.  Complete the course and keep a copy of your course completion certificate. Submit your AML certificate along with other documents to Admin Team (instruction on next few steps). 

Click here to sign-up with WEBCE  AML Training Course #206954

Option #2 - LIMRA

This website allows agent to obtain AML course free of charge. However, agent will have to first submit a contract with a particular carrier and then wait for this carrier to process your application and sends your information to LIMRA in order to access the free AML course. You may choose this option, however you cannot contract with our recommended IUL carrier UNTIL you have completed your AML thru LIMRA website.  Inform admin team prior to your onboarding appointment that you choose this option for AML. Ask admin team for first time login and password information. Click here for LIMRA website.

Gather these documents and information for onboarding & contracting


A. Email Admin Team documents listed below. Please send all the documents listed below in ONE EMAIL. 

    Subject line: Ready to contract – docs attached from (your name)

    1) Resident Insurance License 

    2) National Producer Number (NPN) found on NIPR wesbsite 

    3) Driver’s License 

    4) E&O Insurance 

    5) AML certificate (unless you choose Option 2, LIMRA)

    6) SRS IUL Training and Annuity Training Certificate 

B. Prepare a copy of voided check in pdf file on your computer or laptop. In place of a voided check, you may submit a signed letter from        your bank. It must be signed by a bank representative and include bank routing number, account number, and personal information on        the bank letterhead. If your bank provides a direct deposit instruction print out, make sure it states your name, bank routing number and      account number. The PREFERRED option is copy of VOIDED CHECK.  Every carrier pays directly to you.  DO NOT EMAIL this item.

C. Have this information handy for your contracting appointment via zoom

     i) Bank name, address, and phone number (any branch)

     ii) Beneficiary name, SSN, and email. Beneficiary must be over age of 18 and legally present in the US. 

Once you have submitted all the required documents Admin Team will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule your onboarding and contracting meeting via zoom. If you do not hear from Admin Team after 48 hours of your email, please call 832-707-9345. 

Admin Team regular office hours Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM CST.

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