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Unlicensed Agent


To get licensed, follow these step-by-step in order!

Review licensing requirements for your resident state 


Admin Team Email:


Schedule exam through your resident State’s Department of Insurance Proctoring Service

Schedule your exam 10-14 days away. This will give you enough time to study and complete your pre-licensing education requirements. Schedule the LIFE exam only. Don’t schedule Life and Health.

*If you live in one of these states - AL, CO, KY, LA, MD, MI, MS, NC, SC, or TN – you will have to COMPLETE pre-licensing course BEFORE you are allowed to schedule your exam. Read TIPS and then Email Admin Team - Subject line: Study course code for  ___(your state).

******* For KY, MD, NC, and IL refer to additional tips below *******

Click HERE for TIPS to register for state exam 

Email Admin Team your exam date.

Subject line: “Exam schedule date confirmation”

Send a screen shot of your scheduled exam date or simply forward your scheduled exam email confirmation.



Get plugged in (if you have not)

Download SLACK app on your phone. Ask Admin Team or your Team Leader for

invite if you have not receive it.


Receive course enrollment coupon code from Admin Team


Education provider is XCEL Solutions. Once you register for the course with the coupon code, the course is only available for 30 DAYS.  Small fee applies if you need extension.


Access pre-licensing course here 

- Select ‘Insurance English (or Spanish) Pre-Licensing Bundle Courses’.

- Select your state

- “Add to Cart”- Life Only Pre-Licensing Course. Apply coupon code at check out 


Get fingerprints done (if your state requires it)

If your state requires fingerprints, schedule an appointment prior to your exam date or as soon as you possibly can. Please reference testing provider information in previous step or google "fingerprinting services" in your area.

Get National Producer Number (NPN)


Call your resident State’s Department of Insurance daily to check on your application and speed up the process. Check for your NPN in the link below.

Let your Team Leader and Admin Team know when you received your license and NPN.


Finish. Congratulations!


Now get started on the “Licensed Agent Checklist”

Study pre-licensing course. Take and Pass Your Exam!


Complete all chapter quizzes. Pass your simulator exam before sitting for the state exam.

Apply for your State Insurance License.


The testing facility may provide you with information on how to apply for your state insurance license. Please reference testing provider information in previous step. Call your resident State Department of Insurance for clarification, if needed. 

We recommend applying for your state license with 

NIPR Licensing Center  or check out  Sircon

Note: Resident License requirements vary by state; some require fingerprinting, or other background checks. Pricing varies by state. You must first have a resident license and NPN before you can start contracting.


Schedule a meeting with your Team Leader while you wait for your State License approval and your National Producer Number. Turnaround time varies by state, so let's make good use of your ‘wait time’ to discuss following topics:

1. Error and Omission (E&O) insurance

2. Pencil in one-on-one coaching dates

3. Getting leads from FFL One Culture Exclusive CRM

4. My website, social media, sales presentation, weekly team meeting

5. Charge back and my responsibility with debit balance

Look ahead for steps listed in LICENSED AGENT page!


Additional tips for MD

MARYLAND: First enroll and COMPLETE the entire course before you schedule for exam. Email Admin Team after you completed course and schedule your exam.

Additional tips for IL

ILLINOIS: In the state of Illinois, agents are now required to take two tests. IL STATE producer test, and also IL GENERAL producer test. Both tests are $92, but if both tests are scheduled on the same day, one of the test fees will be waived. This is due to IL strict state rules. These tests are required to sign up first before getting the pre-licensing course

Additional tips for KY

KENTUCKY: First, enroll in pre-licensing course. Second, complete background check and apply for your license. Then, schedule your state exam. Email Admin Team after you have applied for your license and schedule your state exam.  Details & FAQ can be found here Kentucky Depart of Insurance

Additional tips for NC

NORTH CAROLINA: First enroll and COMPLETE the entire course. You also need to apply for your license and complete your background check prior to being able to schedule your state exam. Email Admin Team after you completed course and schedule your exam.

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